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Director: Ali Reza Khawari

Invoice Number INV-0275
Invoice Date October 11, 2022
Total Due $20,680.00
Melisi Homes

1 Meredith St, Newton SA 5074

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Painting work,40A to 40C botanic grove, Campbelltown

2 coats to ceiling in White (touchable type)
3 coats to walls Dulux professional Matt finish washable colour White on White (1 x base coat and 2 top coats)
Wet areas tiling to bathroom & ensuite is 1.2m high, Laundry & WC is skirting tiles
3 coats to woodwork dulux colour SATIN White on White (1 x base coat and 2 top coats oil based, doors to use fine roller no orange peel effect, skirting etc no brush marks )
Windows are MDF reveals

Upper & lower eaves, Alfresco, front verandah & porch ceiling standard Hogs Bristle ¼ strength
External front door TBA may be a cedar look, Carport external door D1 & D2 & rear garage of D2 TBA
Down pipes, meter boxes Hogs Bristle ¼ strength weather shield low sheen 2 coats
Window lintels to lower floor to D1 & D2 only C/B monument weather shield low sheen 2 coats

Sub Total $18,800.00
Tax $1,880.00
Total Due $20,680.00

Commonwealth Bank
SA Quality Painting PTY LTD
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