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Director: Ali Reza Khawari

Invoice Number INV-0307
Invoice Date December 24, 2022
Total Due $2,255.00
F&A Property Group

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Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Painting work: Basketball Stadium Port Adelaide

Part 1
Fill holes in foyer wall and complete painting in foyer
Finish base prep on plastered wall adjacent ground floor storeroom and paint
Finish paint on conduit adjacent masonry column near FHR
Install plasterboard, flush and paint small area in storeroom
Paint timber box skirting in storeroom
Finish install of plasterboard, flush, sand and paint to corner facing main stadium
Supply + Install 30mm thick timber board to hole in wall from removal of FHR cupboard and paint
Install beading to junction between plasterboard and timber in stairwell on upper level and paint
Paint MDF side panel to raised flooring on upper level
Stain and seal timber edge trim under balustrade on upper level
Paint conduit adjacent window on upper level
Touch up paint where brackets removed on upper level (down the end past the window)
Paint corner post on upper level where balustrade has been welded to it and affected previous painting
Touch up paint to wall facing new practice court (around double doors) to storeroom
$1,700.00 for materials and labor
Part 2
Paint new plasterboard wall that had been replaced prior to project commencing inside storeroom and on court side of storeroom wall

Sub Total $2,050.00
Tax $205.00
Total Due $2,255.00

Commonwealth Bank
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