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Lic: BLD278869
M: 0415605744
Director: Ali Reza Khawari

Invoice Number INV-0368
Invoice Date November 15, 2023
Due Date November 29, 2023
Total Due $6,380.00

19 La Jolla Ave Fulham SA


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 External Painting work

External Painting work
1 - Facia board to be prepared and painted, DULUX weather shield paint in woodland grey.
2 - Wooden windows and doors to be painted in DULUX Aquanamel paint semi gloss, woodland grey.
- The windows and doors to be prepared and sanded.
3- Front rendered wall and brick walls all around the property to be painted from ground to end,
2 coats of DULUX weather shield paint, White duck colour.
4- Eaves to be prepared and filled the gaps, and painted 2 coats of DULUX weather shield paint, white duck 1/4.
5- Filling brick wall cracks.
6- Screw back 3 windows side wood.
7- Painting one windows $200.00

Sub Total $5,800.00
Tax $580.00
Total Due $6,380.00

Commonwealth Bank
SA Quality Painting PTY LTD
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