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Invoice Number INV-0220
Invoice Date February 14, 2022
Due Date March 18, 2022
Total Due $890.00
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1 Painting work: 8 Miller St Glenelg East

1- Internal painting area: 4 bedrooms, hallway and one small room.
- All ceiling to be painted 2 coats of ceiling white.
- All walls to be painted 2 coats of selected colour by owner.
- Woodworks(4 doors, 5 architraves, all skirtings, 2 windows and 1 shelf) to be painted 2 coats of enamel.
- Preparation: patching all dents and holes, filling gaps and cracks, scrape loose paint, sanding smooth finish,
apply primer where is required.
2- Supply and install moulding quad for skirtings of 3 bedrooms, and paint same colour as skirting.
3- External painting: front house one trim in green scrape and sand back then paint in green.
Right hand side gutter and trims painting in green, scrape and sand back the loose paint.
- DULUX paint supply.

*** Extra external painting work: $1,300.00 + GST

Total amount: $9,900.00 + GST
Paid as deposit: $1,000.00 Inc GST
Final payment: $9,890.00 Inc GST

Sub Total $9,900.00
Tax $990.00
Paid -$10,000.00
Total Due $890.00

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